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Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
by Barrett, Samuel Alfred
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Description : The making of a canoe by Henry Holmes (North Central Pomo) assisted by his nephew, Clear Lake, Lake County, fall of 1958. This release print was produced by the Institute of Social Sciences, UC Berkeley, and financed by the Motion Picture Division of the University Extension (copyright by UC Regents, 1960). The print was the pilot film sent to the National Science Foundation which led to the funding of the American Indian Films Project, 1960 - 65. At the time Holmes, aged 80, was...
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Feature Films
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UPDATE This movie has been re-uploaded, you can find it here: The Last Time I Saw Paris NOTE: Apparently this is another movie that didn't fully upload for some reason. You may watch the film in it's entirety at by clicking this link: The Last Time I Saw Paris . My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. * * * Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson star in this romantic yet heart wrenching timeline of a troubled marriage. You can read more about this film on...
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Feature Films
by Callendar Company
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In Paris, before the Nazis penetrate into the city, an Austrian refugee doctor (Anthony Hopkins) falls in love with a mysterious woman (Lesley-Anne Down). - IMDB Description
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